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Nature-Based Climate Shelters in Schools: Empowering Teachers for Sustainable Education

The course presents the concepts of Nature-based climate shelters in schools and Urban nature-based solutions (NBS) through the prism of design thinking.

COOLSCHOOLS MOOC – European Schoolnet Academy

Registrations are now open for the upcoming Scientix/COOLSCHOOLS MOOC "Nature-based Climate Shelters in Schools: Empowering Teachers for Sustainable Education", which will run from 1 April until 8 May 2024.

Topic: The course explores Nature-based Climate Shelters and Urban Nature-based Solutions from a design thinking perspective. Nature-based climate shelters, which are green spaces within schoolyards accessible to students and the community, are emphasised for their role in mitigating climate change impacts, enhancing student well-being, and facilitating outdoor learning.

Related to the MOOC European Schoolnet has also published Grand-Meyer, E et al (2024) “The COOLSCHOOLS Guidelines for schools: how to turn your schoolyard into a nature-based climate shelter”, February 2024, European Schoolnet, Brussels which you can download from


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