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New primary school project

Science on Stage Germany will start a new European primary school project. 20 teachers can take part. They will work on the topic “STEM explanatory and experiment videos for primary school”.

Science on Stage Deutschland

The aims are:

  • Create explanatory and experiment videos "by teachers for teachers" about the topic “save our nature by understanding it”,
  • develop accompanying materials for primary school for differentiated teaching approaches,
  • promote communication skills, teamwork and creativity of the children.

Application process:

20 primary teachers can take part and work in teams for about 1,5 years. Please note that the participation in two meetings (two days each) in spring 2023 (teacher training about how to make videos and agree on topics) and in spring 2024 is mandatory. The first meeting will take place from 14-16 April 2023 in Berlin. The project is organised by Science on Stage Germany. All travel and accommodation costs as well as food will be covered. Attached you find the application form. Deadline: 12 February 2023.


  • Scienze dell'educazione e della formazione
  • Scuola elementare